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Special Events

Laura and Craig be offering special live-music and meditation events. Stay tuned for more information.

Workshops on Self-Care and Meditation


  • *Creativity Flows through a Quiet Mind: Meditation for Busy People. A regular meditation practice increases our mental clarity, nourishes our emotional stability, and opens us up to be in the flow, both of our personal life and professional career. Through the inner states of deep relaxation found in meditation, we attain greater effectiveness, happiness, resiliance, and contentment. Learn tips on how to set up your own tailor-made meditation practice that works for you. Participants will be offered several meditation formats to explore. This class concludes with a guided meditation. Relaxation guaranteed!


  • *Building Resilience through Stress-Coping Strategies: Using the Bridges Stress-Coping Styles Self-Survey to Enhance Resilience, Promote Personal Transformation, and Expand Professional Success. This class provides an overview of tips and effective strategies for how to buffer oneself against chronic stress and address accute, in-the-moment stress. Participants will use the Bridges Self-Survey to examine a variety of self-care strategies and create a Self-Care Action Plan. 


*Workshops are 1.5 hours and includes a handout. When offered as a class, it is a 3-hour session and includes a workbook and certificate. Designed to be presented separately or can be paired together as a two-part series.

Workshops & Classes

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